Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact us if you cannot find the answer here.....

When is the best time to go?

Their summer is our winter so aim to go between September and May. Christmas is peak, always busier, less busy times are Oct/Nov or Feb/April.

Temperatures range from 18 °C - 26 °C and although this is mild it can rain very hard on the west coast.

How far in advance should we book?

Many customer book typically 18 months in advance. We suggest you book the bikes as far in advance as possible if you have particular dates that are key, eg, honeymoons, wedding anniversaries. (see booking details). We do occasionally have late availability so please talk to us.

What about Flights?

You can fly to NZ anyway you choose but, one of the best, Singapore Airlines and Emirates fly daily to Christchurch from the UK. They can arrange stopovers and a typical return flight will cost you £650 - £1,300 depending on when you go. (see booking details).

How long do we need in NZ?

How long have you got? Minimum 2 weeks, probably 3 weeks allowing for a few non-riding days?

What kit do we need to take ourselves?

We provide the bikes and you can take a set of luggage from us in the UK or pack into our luggage in New Zealand and dump anything you want at our NZ HQ. You should take leathers, a good all weather jacket, your lid, together with standard touring equipment - enough to fit in 3 panniers and a tank-bag.

Do I take the wife?

Very popular question….most definitely yes, the bikes have great pillion seats with backrests and most of our customers are couples on tour. You can always drop her off at one of the many the thermal springs and take the bike out on your own!

What about accommodation?

There is absolutely loads of it to suit all tastes and budgets and it is great value. When you book we will send you our detailed customer guide which details all you could possibly want to know and if you wish you can book in advance, but there is no need, accommodation is easy to come by and spontaneity is part of the trip. (some planning may be required in peak season.)

Are the trips accompanied?

We can assist in accompanied tours but most customers prefer to do their own thing as biking and NZ is so well suited to this kind of travel.

Any hidden costs?

None………all our costs are inclusive of comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage and luggage. Our costs do not include GST (NZ's VAT) at 15%.

It will cost you a pre-agreed excess if you wipe out, but most customers are very experienced and it hasn't happened yet!

Can we talk to some customers who have been already?

Oh yes…..they are simply our best advert. Have a look at customer comments and our press write-ups if you need any reassurances

Do you do other bikes?

Mainly VFR's but we can make exceptions for hires of 2 weeks or more

How do we get in touch with VFR NZ?

Call the UK office on 07779 656253 or send us an email

If I call your customer enquiry number, am I calling the office in New Zealand or the UK?

The UK but if that's a concern one of our team will call you.

call 07779 656253
(UK Office 8am - 8pm)